The Hollin Hills House & Garden Tour by Instagram (Photos)

Our favorite snaps of the charming Alexandria neighborhood.

By: Kathleen Bridges

Walking along the hilly, tree-shaded lanes of Hollin Hills, it's hard to believe you're less than ten miles from bustling downtown DC. Throw in the hundreds of sleek, angular midcentury-modern homes that dot the Alexandria neighborhood, and it's not only geographics that are confounded, but time as well.

This past weekend, care of the third annual Hollin Hills House & Garden Tour, ten of these Charles Goodman-designed properties opened their doors and gates to hundreds of curious architecture oglers. If you missed out, no worries--we snapped some shots via Instagram to give you a feel for this enchanting neighborhood, all towering trees and tucked-away modernist treasures. Like what you see? Stay tuned--we spotted a handful of "for sale" signs as we wandered through the neighborhood, and will be back soon with the scoop on what's on the market.