Sidewalk Style: Cute and Crafty

We stop two boutique managers making the most of their favorite summer gear at the Crafty Bastards event Saturday.

By: Rachel Cothran

Kat Hernandez (right in photo), 27, assistant manager at Current boutique
Cher Miller, 30, manager at Current

What they’re wearing:
Kat: Dress from Forever 21, vintage booties and sunglasses, and an Italian bag from her mom.
Cher: Silence & Noise dress, Gap bag, Ray Bans, and shoes from Current.

Tell me about your style.
Kat: “I like to wear black but punch it up with a really bright color that’s unexpected. And always heavy, tough accessories.”
Cher: “I run the gamut from goth to semi-hipster. I like prints, textures, colors. I have these goat-head stud earrings that I wear all of the time. This dress is one of my favorite things in my closet right now—I gotta wear it a couple of more times before it gets cold.”

Working together, do you find that you have similar tastes in terms of style?
Kat: “I think we’re very similar in that we’re a little rock ’n’ roll. It’s about the balance between masculine and feminine.”

Any wardrobe signatures?
Kat: “My motorcycle boots, hands down. I’ll wear them in 90-degree weather!”
Cher: “She has a pair of shoes for every day of the week—every day of the month!”

Who does your hair, Cher?
“I do my own hair. I like to air-dry it and use a little hairspray for texture. Like I had a good night in bed.”
Kat: “It’s not only an outfit, but it’s a head-to-toe look—you have to think about your hair, your makeup, accessories, bag, everything.”

Rachel says:
I’ll always like the flowered-dress-with-boots combo. These outfits will continue to work into fall with tights and snug cardigans. Some great news for Current boutique fans: The second location opens November in Old Town!

Weigh in on Kat and Cher's looks!

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