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25 Beautiful People: Pamela Aparicio

The most beautiful people in Washington.

Pamela Aparicio, 36

Wife of Jaime Aparicio, ambassador of Bolivia; mother of eight-year-old boy

Where did you grow up? I was born in Mozambique and grew up in Rhodesia and Vancouver, Canada. I lived in Paris while I modeled and worked for Ralph Lauren. Eight years ago, I moved to Washington. The best pickup line you’ve ever heard? I met Jaime when a friend got us together for dinner at Sequoia. After we ate, I said I was tired. “You have eternity to sleep,” he said in Italian.

Random sample of your iPod? I have 3,000 songs—from Madonna to Frank Sinatra to “The Four Seasons” to Tchaikovsky.

Do you have a dream career? I’d love to be a journalist like Christiane Amanpour. She interviews fascinating people.

What is your best feature? Everyone always says I have beautiful hair. It’s thick and easy to work with. My sister, who has the same hair, does campaigns for Pantene.

When do you feel most beautiful? After a day of horse riding. As a child, I rode a lot. It reminds me of that.