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25 Beautiful People: Priya Pandya

Washington's most beautiful people.

Priya Pandya, 25

Photograph by Matthew Worden

 Researcher, world bank Single

When do you feel most beautiful? When I dance. I teach Bollywood and Indian dance. Bollywood is India’s Hollywood. Each Indian movie is like a musical, and it’s very exaggerated—girls are really feminine, and guys are really macho. Bollywood dance is an escape from reality.

What’s the worst pickup line you’ve ever heard? I was at Cloud in Dupont. A guy was like, “Wow, I feel like I’m on Cloud Nine.” I burst out laughing.

What do you get the most compliments on? People always wonder what my nationality is. I have strong Indian features. They’ll ask, “Where are you from?” I’m like, “Jersey.”

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done? Skydiving. For the first 60 seconds, you’re in free fall. You can’t feel anything. When the parachute goes up, you feel like you’re flying.

Did you feel brave after? I was just glad I was alive. I’ve heard of people doing crazier things, like bungee-jumping into waterfalls. I’d be up for a challenge like that.