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25 Beautiful People

The most beautiful people in Washington.

The conventional wisdom says this is a city of former class presidents and valedictorians, not prom queens and kings. But after a six-week hunt for the best-looking Washingtonians, we discovered that brains come wrapped in some surprising packages. How did we find these people? We called everywhere from law firms to universities, hospitals to Senate offices. We put a note on the magazine’s Web site asking for nominations. We asked everyone we spoke to: Who’s the most beautiful person you know? We collected hundreds of photos. We had a few rules. No models, no underachievers. In the end, we found a dentist who made us swoon. A law partner who turns heads. A restaurant owner who looks decades younger than he is.

Here are 2006’s Beautiful People:

  1. Adam Teicholz
  2. Alethia Nancoo
  3. Amanda McClements
  4. Barack Obama
  5. Ben Bradlee
  6. Chris Young
  7. Dr. Brian Gray
  8. John Cecchi 
  9. John Hill 
  10. Johnny Monis 
  11. Katja Brandis
  12. Kenya Pierce
  13. Mary Ourisman
  14. Matt Nickell
  15. Michael Robinson Chavez
  16. Mojgan Shokri
  17. Nick Assad
  18. Paige Johnson
  19. Pamela Aparicio
  20. Priya Pandya
  21. Roberto Alvarez
  22. Sarah Lee
  23. Sharif El-Mahdi 
  24. Shigeko Bork
  25. Torun Walker