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Stylish Doormats That Keep Out the Snow


Doormats are important this time of year, when every time you walk through the front door, the nasty “wintry mix” comes inside with you. But most doormats stress function over style—although it’s easy to find a durable mat in a neutral color, it’s more difficult to find one that adds some color or fun to your foyer.


Enter Chiasso, a Chicago-based contemporary design store. The store’s web site offers 26 modern doormats that say a lot more than the typical “Welcome” found in many homes.

Some are playful—circular mats inspired by manhole covers in New York, Paris, Chicago, and Washington would go well in a basement or garage. The “barcode design” pokes fun at the owner’s lack of originality and seems to say, “I’m just a barcode.” Others come with stripes, dots, and zig zags that would add a splash of color to an entryway.

Prices range from $28 to $88. Click here for more.