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Justice Served in New Books

Kevin Flynn’s Relentless Pursuit is everything you want in a crime novel—a terrible crime followed by a hunt for justice starring an near-obsessive prosecutor, gritty street cops, a victim’s troubled family, and a monstrous criminal. But it’s all true.

The debut book by a prosecutor in the US Attorney’s office in DC focuses on a case from a decade ago—from the crime to the trial and beyond. Taking place in neighborhoods across the region, the book shows the tireless efforts of the criminal-justice system and the shadowy world out there. It’s a page-turning read.

Jan Crawford Greenburg, now with ABC News and a longtime Chicago Tribune reporter, is one of best observers of the Supreme Court. Her new book, Supreme Conflict: The Inside Story of the Struggle for Control of the United States Supreme Court, takes readers inside—going behind the scenes to show the presidential-selection process, confirmation hearings, and some rare glimpses inside court conferences.

Packed with anecdotes and insights—like how decisions are overturned or altered by the actual writing of the opinions and how Clarence Thomas, not Antonin Scalia, is the court’s conservative leader—Supreme Conflict is a good read that helps you understand DC’s political world.

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