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Spa Week Comes to DC

I don't know about you, but this disappointing spring weather has me feeling like I owe myself a treat for putting up with all the wind, rain and cold. The humanity! Luckily for all of us, this week is Spa Week in DC, which means discounts at treatments at various spas throughout the area. 

Today through Friday, spas in the metropolitan area will be delivering some full service treatments that normally cost from $100 to $200 dollars for just $50 dollars. Sounds like a good reward to me.

For more detail, register over at Need some background on area spas? Try out our recently-refurbished database of spas (check the upper righthand corner of the page) here at, which will grant you detailed reviews of dozens of spas in DC, Maryland and Virginia. And for even more information on how to feel and look your best (plus information on spas and more), check out our Look Good, Feel Good 2007 package.