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DC’s Big Money

The new Forbes list of the world’s billionaires includes a number of notable—and a few not-so-notable—names from the Washington region. Here’s where they rank:

58 (tie). John and Forrest Mars Jr., grandchildren of candy makers Frank and Ethel Mars. Worth: $10.5 billion each

323. Mitchell Rales, Danaher Corporation. Worth: $2.8 billion

336. Steven Rales, brother of Mitchell Rales, also of the Danaher Corporation. Worth: $2.7 billion

432. Richard Marriott, son of Marriott hotel-chain founder J.W. Marriott Sr. and chair of Host Hotels & Resorts. Worth: $2.2 billion

458. J.W. “Bill” Marriott Jr., the other son of J.W. Marriott Sr. and CEO of Marriott International. Worth: $2.1 billion

538. B.F. Saul II, founder of Chevy Chase Bank. Worth: $1.9 billion

664. Theodore Lerner, real-estate developer and owner of the Washington Nationals. Worth: $1.5 billion

840 (tie). Robert Johnson, cofounder of Black Entertainment Television and the first African-American billionaire. Worth: $1.1 billion

840 (tie). Stephen Bisciotti, founder of Aerotek, a job-placement company, and owner of the Baltimore Ravens. Worth: $1.1 billion.

891. Steve Case, cofounder of AOL; founder of Revolution LLC. Worth: $1 billion