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“Brand X,” Time Steal Post Talent

The Washington Post continues to lose some of its best and brightest.

Michael Grunwald had been a rising star at the Post for a decade, covering New York, the Justice Department, and the environmental beat. In “heartfelt e-mails,” Grunwald announced his move to Time magazine. He follows David Von Drehle, who moved to Time late last year.

Jo Becker, a veteran investigative reporter, is leaving for what Posties call “Brand X”­—the New York Times. Her husband is former Post writer Serge Kovaleski, who moved to the Times last year.

And that’s after Brand X scooped up stars Michael Powell and Mark Leibovich.

The Post has filled some holes—it lured Anne Kornblut from the Times, Perry Bacon from Time, John Solomon from AP, and Sridhar Pappu from the Atlantic Monthly.