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Top Home Sales

Open House's weekly rundown of the ten biggest house deals in Washington.

The Box Score

DC: 3
Virginia: 1

$3,100,000—3940 Fordham Road, NW, Spring Valley
$3,087,500—6701 Bradley Boulevard, Bethesda
$3,000,000—5368 27th Street, NW, Chevy Chase
$2,675,000—2710 Foxhall Road, NW, Berkley
$2,650,000—7907 Cypress Place, Chevy Chase
$2,400,000—11207 Marwood Hill Drive, North Potomac
$2,175,000—2001 North 15th Street, Number 1407, Arlington
$2,150,000—10845 Stanmore Drive, Potomac
$2,100,000—9817 Carmelita Drive, Potomac
$2,050,000—8946 Abbey Terrace, Potomac