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No More Musical Chairs

These benches, magazine racks, and coffee tables can double as extra seating in a small apartment.

Three’s company, four’s a crowd. And five? In a small apartment, that’s when guests start leaning on door frames and plunking down on the floor. These sneaky seat solutions can make an apartment party more comfortable.

Faux Leather Storage Ottomans, $69.99. One makeshift stool turns into two with this black ottoman, pictured at right. Available at Bed, Bath & Beyond, multiple locations

Eric Pfeiffer Bench Box with Pad on Legs, $549. This squat bookcase doubles as a bench, upholstered in gray or orange wool. Available by order at Apartment Zero, 406 7th St. NW; 202-628-4067. Price does not include shipping.

David Simon Waterfall Table, $299. Guests can perch on your coffee table in style with this David Simon design, which swoops down into a padded seat on one side. Available by order at Contemporaria, 3303 Cady’s Alley NW; 202.338.0193. Price does not include shipping.

Magino Acrylic Stool/Magazine Rack, $298. Replace your magazine rack with this ultra-modern style, and you’ll score an extra seat. Available at Design Within Reach, 3307 Cady’s Alley NW, 202.339.9480; 1838 Columbia Rd. NW, 202.265.5640; 4828 St. Elmo Ave., Bethesda, 301.215.7200.