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Top Home Sales

Open House's weekly rundown of the ten biggest house deals in Washington.

The Box Score
Virginia: 4
Maryland: 3
DC: 3

This week's top sale is on Woodland Drive, the main street in DC’s Massachusetts Avenue Heights. Mixed in with a smattering of embassies, the homes on this street are an interesting collection of styles: stucco manors, Georgians, Colonials, and ’70s contemporary. A few even resemble Gothic churches.

$7,400,000—2860 Woodland Drive NW, Massachusetts Avenue Heights
$3,160,627—852 Nicholas Run Drive, Great Falls
$2,970,000—11807 Forum Hill Court, Potomac
$2,905,000—5319 Oakland Road, Chevy Chase
$2,745,000—3520 Springland Lane NW, North Cleveland Park
$2,700,000—9720 Arnon Chapel Road, Great Falls
$2,550,000—1522 Crowell Road, Vienna
$2,146,859—1762 Kirby Road, McLean
$2,047,500—8918 Bel Air Place, Potomac
$1,951,000—1111 23rd St. NW Unit S3A, Foggy Bottom