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Top Home Sales

Open House's weekly rundown of the ten biggest house deals in Washington.

The Box Score
Virginia: 5
DC: 3
Maryland: 2

$3,496,601—850 Nicholas Run Drive, Great Falls
$3,200,000—5137 52nd Street, NW, Spring Valley
$2,735,000—10208 Gary Road, Potomac
$2,429,416—3452 Fawnwood Lane, Fairfax
$2,375,000—23611 Light Horse Court, Middleburg
$2,200,000—9838 Kentsdale Drive, Potomac
$2,080,000—3140 Key Boulevard, Arlington
$1,950,000—1521 28th Street, NW, Georgetown
$1,950,000—4022 Linnean Avenue, NW, Forest Hills
$1,871,500—2330 North Vermont Street, Arlington