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Election 2008: A Political Roundup of Washingtonian Profiles

Over the years, Washingtonian has written profiles about nearly every important political candidate in this year's presidential race. Here's a roundup of some of our favorite political articles.

Hillary's World 

From the crack of dawn when the hairstylist arrives to late at night when she settles in with a briefing book, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s life in Washington is perpetual motion. It’s also one she hopes will take her back to the White House.

The Legend of Barack Obama 

From out of nowhere, he’s become DC’s brightest star. Will his charisma and sense of destiny propel him to the White House in 2008?

Senator Hothead

John McCain bursts out of the cloakroom and onto the Senate floor. His face red, he rips off his glasses and gets ready to pound a table. Senator Hothead is mad. Again. Want to fight? John McCain is good at it.

The Making of the President: John McCain 

In a universe parallel to our own, John McCain awoke on January 20, 2009, to prepare for his inauguration as the 44th president of the United States. This is the story of how he got there. It is an imaginary tale based on the possible. There are other parallel universes in which other candidates become president, but that’s for another day. Though this is a work of fiction, all of McCain’s words in quotation marks are real, taken from his writings, news accounts, transcripts, and past interviews with the author.

Who's Bankrolling the Presidential Candidates 

Presidential candidates are passing the hat in Georgetown, Great Falls, McLean, and other VIP-rich neighborhoods. Who’s ponying up?

A Look at Presidential Contender Gaffes 

The candidates may spend millions of dollars and talk intelligently about big issues. But in the end, the race for president can turn on a single gaffe.

Who'll Run in 2008?

See who we thought would run in 2008 when we wrote this back in 2000—and how right (er, or wrong) we were.