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On the Bookshelf: Real Simple’s Collection

Since launching in 2000, Real Simple has been serving up tips and tricks for busy people looking to make their lives a little easier. Real Simple’s book collection can be a good complement to the wealth of information in the magazine.

Spiral-bound with a plastic cover, Real Simple’s newest book, Real Simple Cleaning, helps you tackle the dirtier side of life. It breaks down cleaning by rooms and suggests tactics for different surfaces in the home. There’s also a section on removing stains—for example, to get gum out of the carpet, freeze it first by putting a bag of ice over it.

Real Simple: The Organized Home calls itself a “clutter-busting, timesaving, space-maximizing road map.” Flip to the kitchen section to find out how long you can hang on to raw meat, or get advice on useful bowls and spatulas. The bedroom section offers suggestions for which hangers are best for jackets versus dresses.

Real Simple Solutions helps solve little bumps in the road that can plague everything from getting dressed to decorating. A section on easy upgrades helps you update wardrobes and rooms. A section on simple techniques gives step-by-step instructions for everything from painting to hand-washing. You can also read about new uses for household items. Out of bleach? Add 1/4 cup lemon juice to the wash to lighten whites.

Pick up a Real Simple book at bookstores or order at realsimple.com and get free shipping.