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Good Shopping at Goodwill

Studio Ayanna hosts an evening of charitable shopping in conjunction with Goodwill of Greater Washington.

Goodwill gets stylish.

An abundance of shoulder pads and ruffles at Wednesday night’s Goodwill Travelin’ Trunk Show only confirmed that ’80s fashion is making a comeback. Goodwill of Greater Washington imported racks of gently used, fluorescent sequined gowns and eccentrically patterned tops into downtown DC’s Studio Ayanna hoping to entice shoppers with inexpensive vintage items perfect for New Year’s Eve or holiday parties.

Make up artist Tu-Anh works her magic on DC Goodwill Fashionista Em Hall. Photo courtesy of Tu-Anh.

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Shoppers not so taken with puffed sleeves and large bows found solace in Studio Ayanna’s more modern offerings. The small, lofted shop is run by Dana Ayanna Greaves, who creates eco-friendly artwork and jewelry. Her collection of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are made using recycled paper.

Color and style expert Tu-Anh was also there, armed with a collection of natural beauty products. She spent the evening offering makeup lessons and complimentary beauty advice. She managed to “polish” most of the guests, showing how to brighten eyes and even skin tone. “Beauty and style definitely go hand-in-hand,” Tu-Anh said. “When you look flawless and polished, even if it’s just a hint of blush or touch up the eyes a bit, it makes you want to buy more clothes because everything looks good on you. Honestly, I myself bought a cute sequined top and five dresses. What a bargain!”

Bummed you missed a fun evening of cheap shopping and free makeovers? Don’t worry; there are more Goodwill events to come. Find out about them here.