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Award-Winning Homes: A New Backyard in Silver Spring

Tell us what you think of this remodeling project, which includes a new deck, patio, and screened porch.

Bethesda-based Landis Construction took home the “Best Exterior Design Solution under $100,000” in the Contractor of the Year Awards—an annual competition sponsored by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry—for this renovation in Silver Spring.

The house sits asymmetrically on a hill. To make the basement and backyard more usable, Landis added a deck and screened porch, flagstone walkway, French doors, and new first-floor windows. New siding on the deck and porch match the existing home’s cedar siding. Inside, the screened porch features an exposed retaining wall, which was intended to make the room fit into its natural surroundings.

What do you think? Does the project succeed at integrating inside and outside space well? And is it worth the $100,000 price tag?