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Green at Work: Delucchi Plus’s New Office

Tour a cool, eco-friendly office in downtown DC.

Employees gather ’round this TV to play Guitar Hero at work.

Real-estate marketing firm Delucchi Plus moved into a new office at 1828 L Street, NW, in DC—just down the hall from The Washingtonian—in February. The newly renovated, ultra-modern space received a silver LEED rating, proving it’s not just well-designed but also environmentally-friendly.

Green features include:
• Desks made from recycled materials
• Insulation made of recycled cotton
• Low mercury lighting with motion sensors that turn lights on and off
• Energy Star appliances
• Concrete floors with nontoxic sealants

But perhaps the coolest feature is the flat-screen TV in the lounge where employees play Guitar Hero.

“The staff is really excited,” says company president Christine Delucchi. “They take pride in their space, and it translates when they’re working with clients.” A future project on Delucchi’s wish list is a green rooftop garden, a clean and relaxing place away from the office. “It would be like a zen, meditation room—a quiet place for people to go.”

 What do you think? Would working in a beautiful office like this make you more productive?

Check out our full slideshow of Delucchi's office below.