What’s in Mr. Yogato’s Shopping Cart?

Pete from Mr. Yogato cleans out the “Soviet” Safeway.

Wondering why your Safeway shelves are cleaned out of milk? Monday night we ran into Pete, an employee at Mr. Yogato (1515 17th St., NW), buying 15 gallons of skim milk at the Safeway at 17th and Corcoran streets—a couple of blocks from the new and super-popular yogurt shop. “Don’t you get your milk from a supplier?” I asked.

“We do, but we can only get two deliveries a week. We don’t have enough fridge space. So we have to come here to replenish,” he explained, pushing his cart full of milk back to the store to whip up more batches of peach (new!), mojito, original soft, and original tangy. Since the “Soviet” Safeway is always out of everything anyway, something tells me that the community would be more upset if Mr. Yogato ran out of yogurt. We can deal with no milk.

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