Summer Bargain Roundup

We've got bargains galore. Get everything from bargains on hair salons to the fall's best sales to free interior design in our summer bargain roundup below. Want even more deals and discounts? Make sure to check out August's issue of Washingtonian magazine, on stands now.

Theater Bargains
Tickets to Shakespeare’s plays in the 1500s and 1600s are said to have cost a penny. Now they cost a lot more, which might be one of the reasons Washington’s theater audiences are missing a younger demographic. In an effort to tame this shrew of a problem, several theaters are starting cheap-ticket initiatives to entice the younger crowd. Read here for more.

Theaters don’t advertise it, but there are cheap seats to be had for some of the best shows in town. Find out how to get them here.

Interior Design Bargains
Finding that interior decorators are out of your budget? Try an in-store designer to help you make your ideas a reality.

Bridal Bargains

Wedding experts share their money-saving tips—from hidden cakes to $125 gowns to the secret of restaurant rentals.

Beauty and Fashion Bargains
Beauty School: Beautiful Savings on Hair, Facials, Massage and More
Top Ten Sales to Not Miss

Natural Beauty Guide
Spa Review Database

Beautiful Savings on Hair, Facials, Massage and More

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