What Would Roberto Donna Eat for his Last Meal?

Walk up to a group of chefs drinking late at night and you might find them riffing on a favorite topic—their last meal. So we posed the question to Roberto Donna: What would you choose if you knew that, henceforth, your days of eating were done? Here’s what the chef at Arlington’s Bebo Trattoria had to say.

Greek octopus salad
“I just love the combination of the vegetables with the meaty texture of the fresh octopus,” Donna says. “I had this in Greece for 15 days straight.”


Egg-yolk tagliarini with fresh cow’s-milk butter and white truffles
“I’ve had this dish since I was four years old. My grandmother used to make the pasta every Saturday night for Sunday lunch, and I would help her prepare it. My father would find the truffles while hunting on Sunday afternoons.”

Raviolini del plin with veal jus and sage
Torino native Donna loves this Piemontese pasta dish for its “plain, incredible taste.” When white truffles are in season, he sprinkles a few shavings on top.

Roasted squab with duck liver over polenta concia
“It brings back memories of my father’s hunt,” says Donna. The polenta concia is another Piemontese specialty with layers of cornmeal, fontina cheese, and mushrooms: “It’s the polenta my mother used to make from the leftover cheese from the store.”

“Kit-Kat” bar

“Do I need to explain why?” Donna asks of Michel Richard’s famed dessert, now on the menu at Central.

What would you eat if you had one last meal to nosh? Tell us in the comments! 


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