What Would Michel Richard Eat for His Last Meal?

Photograph by Stacy Zarin-Goldberg.

Walk up to a group of chefs drinking late at night and you might find them riffing on a favorite topic—their last meal. This week we posed the question to Michel Richard: What would you choose if you knew that, henceforth, your days of eating were done? Here’s what the chef/owner of DC’s Citronelle and Central had to say.

The Guest List

A last meal would be a sad affair without company. Thus, Michel picked an appropriate dinner date: his wife, Laurence. Who would cook for him? “Colonel Sanders!” he says.

Richard says he’d start with a simple can of sardines: “My mother used to serve sardines with sliced shallots and red-wine vinegar. We’d spread it over a baguette. Delicious.”


Main Course
“I’d like a perfectly roasted chicken with lots of garlic. It has to have crispy skin and be moist and silky on the inside,” says the French-born chef. “I love the smell of garlic, and each time I eat a well-cooked chicken it’s like a brand-new pleasure.” And don’t forget the all-important sides. Richard would request a frisée salad topped with sautéed chicken livers and French fries. “Vive la French fries!” he exclaims. “Cook them in clarified butter!”

Choosing a sweet both timeless and tasty, Michel says he would conclude with “any kind of ice cream.” Don’t ask him to favor a flavor, though. “I never met an ice cream I didn’t like,” he says.

What would you eat if you had just one meal left? Tell us in the comments!


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