Sidewalk Style: Fur Real

An LA transplant mixes ’40s glamour with modern-day rock-and-roll style.

We spotted Danielle at the closing party for the “Space Invaders” exhibit at Dissident Display Gallery on DC’s H Street, Northeast.

Danielle Vu, 24
Just moved from LA and currently job seeking a job in foreign policy.

What she’s wearing: “A fox-fur jacket from my aunt’s closet, a dress from H&M, and my shoes and purse are both from thrift shops.”

Describe your look tonight. “The look I was going for was kind of 1940s glamour with a touch of rock and roll.”

Any favorite designers or labels? “I love designers who really push the boundaries of fashion and get avant-garde. I love Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, and Ultraviolence by Carolyn Purcell. Tea Leaf Collection for men is really great, too. I’m excited that men are finally getting interesting clothes other than the usual blazer and skinny pants.”

What are you looking forward to wearing now that there’s a fall chill in the air? “In Los Angeles, we never really have real winters, so I’m looking forward to wearing all the great coats, sweaters, and tights that I collected to prepare for my move!”

First impressions of DC style? “So far I’ve been really surprised about DC style. Vintage stores are ubiquitous in Los Angeles, so everyone tries to dress uniquely and ultimately everything comes full circle so everyone looks the same. In DC, you have a great mix of conservative, vintage, hipster, classic, and lots of men in suits, which you don’t really see in Los Angeles.”

Rachel says: As un-PC as it may be, fur is a hot trend for fall, worn with both casual dresses and for evenings out. (For some inspirations, see the very different fall 2008 RTW looks in fur from Lanvin and John Galliano.) A vintage fur coat or jacket can really hippiefy an otherwise prim look. The best (and most responsible—not to mention cheapest) choices are hand-me-downs and thrift-store scores.

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