The Wrap Up: The Week in Food

Every Friday, we fill you in on what’s been happening in the local restaurant world.

• Former Best Bites contributor and Serious Eats blogger Erin Zimmer admits she’s a candy-corn hater—likening the taste to drinking a bottle of Karo syrup and eating a candle. Put that way, how could we not agree? But then we read a post by her SE counterpart, Kerry Saretsky, who waxes poetic about the Technicolor triangles, and now we can’t decide. Love candy corn or hate it? This debate might be more interesting than the vice-presidential one.

• As far as we’ve tasted, the chocolate-chip cookie from Marvelous Market is the best in Washington, an opinion shared by the City Paper’s Tim Carman Erik Wemple. He reported this week that the price of the four-ounce confection has gone up from $1.49 to $1.99. Marvelous Market’s director of purchasing, Lisa Bourven, says that the cookie will remain just under $2 for a good long while—a comforting fact considering how sick we are from the rollercoaster that is the stock market.

Ici Urban Bistro, the recently revamped French restaurant in the Sofitel, just snagged pastry chef Beverly Bates from Bistro Bis. The Culinary Institute of America grad has big names like Gordon Ramsay and Michel Richard on her résumé—she worked with the former in 2002 and the latter during her first stint in DC.

• Turns out it’s not just the restaurants in the nation’s capital that are obsessing with foodie interpretations of the presidential nominees. A Seattle blogger found—among other things—a Hillary Clinton nutcracker in a Washington-area airport. We just can’t resist mentioning that Dupont Circle’s Firefly restaurant recently added Rocky Mountain oysters to its menu for a short time. Although the nutcracker’s packaging claims Clinton can “crack the toughest nuts,” she’ll be disappointed to know that yet another pair has escaped those “stainless steel thighs.”

• Although Oyamel is often regarded as one of the best Mexican restaurants in the area, Mexican-cooking expert Diana Kennedy found quite a few ways to improve the kitchen on her recent whirlwind through town. The 90-year-old Kennedy, a cookbook author who could be called the Julia Child of Mexican cuisine, schooled Oyamel head chef Joe Raffa and his staff on everything from composting to stainless-steel griddles. Next time you’re there, note the fluffy texture of the new tamale filling.

Capital Spice asked Good Stuff Eatery business partners Spike Mendelsohn—of Top Chef fame—and Mike Coletti for help in deciding where to eat in New York City. The two burger slingers directed the bloggers to Bar Q, a new Asian-style barbecue joint from chef Anita Lo. Turns out, the hidden West Village kitchen is run by chef Sean Scotese, a toque who worked with Mendelsohn and Coletti at Mai House and also shared a bachelor pad with them.

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