Sidewalk Style: Twice as Nice

We stop a pair of friends with very distinct styles.

Beth Havrilla, 27

Fine-art painter

Jennifer Lasher, 26

Solo musician

On Beth: Anthropologie coat, Urban Outfitters scarf, vintage lace gloves, Marc Jacobs bag, H&M tights, and shoes from Anthropologie.

On Jennifer: Coat from Burlington Coat Factory, Salvage shirt, Wal-Mart tights, leg warmers from Up Against the Wall, Nine West boots, and earrings from a boutique in Annapolis (“I don’t remember which one”).

How would you describe your style?

Beth: “Audrey Hepburn if she were six years old!” (Jennifer calls Beth a “modern Mary Poppins.”) “Classic and definitely girly. I’m a total magpie.”

Jennifer: “Boujie goth.”

Beth, I love those shoes!
“They’re the Anthropologie brand. I made the little ties out of some fabric. It came with polka-dot ones. I just switched them out.”

Jennifer, what’s the last thing you bought?
“Snowboarding undergarments. Fleece long underwear, basically. I’m going to Whistler [Vancouver] in a few weeks.”

Any favorite places to shop?
“Patricia Field, Marc Jacobs, Decades, and Opening Ceremony in New York. That’s my favorite,” says Beth.

Rachel says:
Winter is a great season for dramatic style statements, no matter your look. Beth’s subtle but detailed accessories add lots of visual interest while keeping her warm at the same time, and Jennifer’s coat and earrings are hippie classics. 

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