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Our picks for the best home design bargains on the web.

I’m not sure why but the headboard always seems to be the last piece of furniture people buy for their homes. I have many 30-something friends with lovely, put together condos, who have their beds just sitting on top of a metal frame.

Well, if this is you, let today be the day you make your bedroom complete. West Elm has headboards and decorative bed frames on a major discount. The full-size wood block platform headboard is now only $129.99, down from $349.

And the sophisticated Walton headboard is now $149.99 in the queen size, down from $429.00.

If you are looking for a Valentine’s gift that you and your sweetheart can enjoy right away, it’s not too late to get this double-bottle wine chiller.  It’ll bring your vino to the expert-recommended temperature in minutes, and it’s down from $149.95 to $99.99. For the ever-traditional breakfast in bed, go for this stylish tray at the Moma Store, now 89.95.