Sidewalk Style: Bear Market

We ventured out in yesterday’s winter wonderland to see who managed to be fashionable despite the storm. We found someone wearing—get this—bear fur.

Heatherly Hajaligholi, 27
Owner, Pi Pizzeria.

What she’s wearing: Vintage Air Force One sneakers (“I couldn’t find my snow boots, which is okay because they have these pompoms that sometimes tangle and trip me when I walk”), Joe Jeans, Comme des Garçons top, Vuitton bag, and Sorbara for Neiman Marcus bear coat.

That coat must be so warm.
“It’s been so cold, but I don’t feel a thing. It’s the best thing ever. I bought a fur coat for my daughter. She likes to cut her hair herself, and one day we were walking down the street together with our coats and her hair like a boy’s. We must’ve been a real sight.”

Where are all of the necklaces from?
“One’s a Cartier love ring, one is from Esfahan—I was there on my honeymoon—and the one with the sapphire is inspired by one Princess Diana had. As it turns out, opals and sapphires are supposed to bring bad luck.”

How do you describe your style?
“Happy. I dress for myself, and I also dress to amuse myself. I like fitted tops with full skirts.”

Where do you like to shop?
“I go to Beauty Jungle, on Columbia Road in Adams Morgan, and buy a bunch of white tank tops and wear them with everything: jeans, skirts, and suits. I go to Annie Creamcheese and Mercedes Bien. Mercedes is such a good saleswoman: She sold me a dress that fit me so poorly that I had to give it to my daughter! She was like, ‘You’re a goddess!’ and I was like, ‘Yes, I am!’ ”

What should I order at Pi?
“White pizza. But it’s so fattening. The Margherita is my favorite.”

I love that you carry so much crap in your purse.
“Did you hear about the woman who was shot, and the bullet bounced off the compact in her bag? She was saved by all of the junk in her purse.”

Rachel says:

I adore Heatherly’s rumpled-glam look: The bed head, smudgy makeup, and nonchalant fur wearing make her look totally intriguing. Far more interesting than appropriate and put-together, no?

Weigh in on Heatherly’s style!

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