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One day I will have a backyard and a fire pit. Maybe it’s the southerner in me, but as we head into spring, nothing sounds better to me than sitting around a fire with good friends and beers in koozies (What do you call them up here? Kozies?). S’mores are optional.

For those of you who are lucky enough to already have a backyard, Unica Home’s Lounge Outdoor Fire Pit is on sale for $400—half off the original list price.  Of course, if price is more important than fashion, plenty of non-offensive ones are out there, like the Deckmate Steel Fire Bowl, on sale for $99.

Moving indoors, I have to mention this chair which is 50 percent off, at $112. I think it could be the perfect desk chair. I like rolling chairs as much at the next guy, but for those of us who have desks in common areas of our homes, this is a classier option.

Another great deal available today is Design Public’s Offi Scoop TV Table, which is down from $299 to $99. If you are trying to decorate your first home, this is the kind of item you want. It is inexpensive, but also versatile and small, so when you spring for a fancier table down the road, you can move this into a bedroom or a den.