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After obsessing about decorating my condo for two years, I have plenty of places to sit, a lovely area to eat cereal in the morning, ample space for books and tchotchkes, and a very comfy place to fall asleep each night. It’s true—my place is fully furnished. It’s kind of a bummer.

So, I will have to live vicariously through those who are still selecting couches and bookshelves. It especially hurt last night, though, when I got an e-mail from Viva Terra saying that ALL of my favorite stuff is on sale!

• The Railroad Tie Bookshelf is down 15 percent through April 2, which puts it at $930. The matching dining table and chairs are 20 percent off—you can get the whole shebang for $1,749. I have no idea what a railroad tie is, but it sure makes some fine-looking furniture!

• The Company Store is also having a massive sale. You can add some drama to your bedroom with a custom bed frame and headboard. The price will depend on what you pick, but it looks like you can save at least $100, and take one home for $719 to $899.