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Reason 27: Our Weather Is… Very Interesting

Yes, Washington weather can be fickle. In one week this March, we went from snowstorms to 70 degrees.

Is this a reason to love Washington? We asked News4 meteorologist Bob Ryan, Washington’s longest-serving weathercaster, what he thinks.  

What makes our weather unique?
We get some challenging winter weather, but springtime is wonderful. We have good thunderstorms—good for meteorologists, that is. I wouldn’t want to be forecasting in Palm Springs. Here, the weather makes things interesting.

Why is our weather so unpredictable?
It’s the influence of the ocean and the bay. The cold water from the bay might make it 20 degrees in Baltimore and 40 degrees in Annapolis. Then there’s the influence of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Appalachians. And we tend to be right near the boundaries of storm tracks.

Do people blame you for the weather?
People do get upset. But over the years, our accuracy really has gone up. Now if we forecast four inches of snow and there’s six inches, people are like, “No you got it wrong.”

What should people keep in mind about the weather?
I think everybody should not complain so much and just enjoy it.

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