Sidewalk Style: Uniquely Unique

This week, we admire Unique Pinckney's taste in florals, nail polish, and tattoos.

Unique Pinckney, 19
Student, Montgomery College

What she’s wearing:
A floral Urban Outfitters dress, Saks Fifth Avenue starfish sandals, a Louis Vuitton purse, neon-green nail polish on fingers and toes.

Tell me about your style.
“It just depends on how I feel during the day, but I like to dress comfortably. It’s bright, I guess. Kids like it—children always stare at me! I like the attention. But it’s a positive image, so it’s not like I have body parts hanging out or anything like that.”








What will you be wearing a lot of this summer?
“I know I’m going to wear more dresses, skirts, sandals, and probably wedges. I want to find some peep-toe summer heels or sandals.”

What’s something you’d never wear?
“I’d never wear Shaq shoes for women. Not my style.”

What’s with the tattoo on your leg?
“Some of my friends and I got the same one.”

Rachel says:
Unique is the picture of summer style in her gauzy, bold dress, fun flat sandals, and bright nails. I’m loving neon nail colors right now: Just like paint is the cheapest way to update a room in your home, bold nails are a cheap way to up your personal-style quotient.






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