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The problem with outdoor furniture is that it’s subject to much harsher conditions than indoor furniture—it doesn’t take long before those expensive, cushy chairs and couches start to look shabby. I would rather go the other way, and load up my (imaginary) patio with bright, fun stuff that would look silly indoors. So, imagine my excitement when I saw Pottery Barn’s ceramic cube. Pretty, durable, unusual—I’m in love! It’s now on sale for $99.

I also love the vintage look of Anthropologie’s High Wire Act Table, which is down from $498 to $299.95. It reminds me of something you would find in a grandmother’s yard, but it’s updated and more fun.

I also have to mention CB2’s cute and handy Formosa Tray Table.  It’s down from $49.95 to $39.95. I’m close to buying this but I fear if I do I’ll look back and say, “and that was the last time anyone ever sat at the dining table.”