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Sometimes I get into a shopping rut. It feels like there are only a few places to buy furniture and other home goodies, and all of the merchandise looks the same. Usually, that’s when I turn to resale shops or ebay, but this week, I set out to find a new source all together: museum shops.

The most famous is New York’s Museum of Modern Art, which also has the best web site and is incidentally having a big summer sale. MOMA is a great place to find clever items, like this adorable terra cotta bud vase, which is down from $40 to $24.95.

The Art Institute of Chicago is also having a summer sale, where you can pick up these three stacking trunks for $87.49, down from $175.

The New York Botanical Garden is great for both green thumbs as well as those of us who couldn’t keep a plant alive if we had a gun to our heads. These cute, colorful birdhouses are on sale for $82.60, and these pretty glass candle holders are now $7 each.