Sidewalk Style: Treasury Hunt

Over the weekend, we stopped a shopper on her way to check out Treasury, a new vintage shop at 14th and T streets, Northwest.

Kathleen Sutter, 30
Art therapist, Children’s Hospital

What she’s wearing: Shirt from Listopad (now Treasury), shorts and sandals from local thrift stores, bag from a store in Texas.

Would you say you’re mostly a vintage shopper?
“I’ve gone back and forth over the years. I was always a vintage shopper through high school and college, and then I started to feel like I needed to polish myself up. I started buying new clothes, and then I didn’t really like the new clothes I was buying, so I’ve come back to vintage clothing over the past few years.”

What do you like about it?
“Other people don’t usually own what I have. I got tired of seeing a shirt I had on a hundred other people. As I got a little bit older, I wanted my identity back again. I kinda got more comfortable in my own style, whereas for a while there I wasn’t sure how I wanted to come across. I was in grad school and starting new jobs, and I wanted people to take me seriously, especially in Washington. It feels like there are a lot of people dressing to not be noticed.”

Do you think that that’s changing at all?
“I think so—I mean, I hope so. There’s still that sort of transient nature. People come to work in these serious jobs, and so that’s sort of what they’re thinking about. I worked at a nonprofit for a while, and everybody was really more concerned about the work they were doing than how they looked at work. I think that people are kind of figuring out that you can do both.”

Do you think your Texas upbringing informs your look?

“Probably. I like cowboy boots.”

What’s on your summer-wardrobe wish list?
“I’d like to get more shorts, actually. Khaki pants pleated, rolled up. I can’t find any that don’t make me look weird in my midsection. And shoes. I have really big feet. They’re size 11.”

Have you found any good resources for shoes?
“Barefoot Tess. There’s a store in Baltimore, I think. They have sizes 10 through 13, and they’re not ugly. They’re all really cute shoes. Usually, when they get bigger, they’re sort of borderline nursing shoes.”

Rachel says:
Kathleen’s look is all about relaxed, American weekend wear. A sturdy pair of shorts, a plaid button-down shirt rolled up to the elbow. Ready for the beach, for the market, or for picnics.

Weigh in on Kathleen’s look!

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