Sidewalk Style: More Than a Maxi

This week, we stop a photographer (and her photographer fiancé) with an eye-catching red dress.

Photograph by Ken Wyner;

Alice Ng, 46
Photographer, Anfoto

What she’s wearing: Vintage dress from a shop in Charlottesville, Kenneth Cole shoes.

What do you like to wear? “Anything that looks good. I’m not afraid of color. I’m a very colorful person.”

Where do you like to shop? “Rerun in Takoma Park. And I go to Hong Kong every two years and shop there.”

You moved here from New York recently. What are the differences in style? “People are a little more playful in New York.”

Anything on your wardrobe wish list? “No, I already have too much. People just don’t need that much stuff.”

Rachel says: Maxi dresses were big last summer and this season, but the silhouettes have gotten somewhat predictable. This accordion style is a bit unexpected.

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