Sidewalk Style: Raiding His Closet

This weekend, we stopped a hairstylist wearing menswear accessories on her way to work.

Chelsea Turner, 21
Hairstylist, Corte Salon

What she’s wearing:
Urban Outfitters cardigan and sandals, Zara pants, shirt from Rainbow, and her brother’s tie.

The owner of the salon is Michelle Obama’s hairstylist, right? Does she come to the salon?
“No way. That would never happen. I can’t really speak about it, I know that much.”

How do you dress for work?
“I like to dress up, try new things. I think, if anything, my job allows me to express my creativity through my style instead of having to wear a skirt and shirt every day. As long as I keep it in the color code of black, I can basically wear whatever I want.”

Why the tie?
“I reached for the tie because it’s pretty vibrant. I was sleeping over at my brother’s place one day, tried it on, and just kept it.”

Describe your style.
“I like things that are classic. I’m not a big details person, and I think a lot of people over-accessorize. I like to keep it simple.”

Do you have any favorite stores?
“Forever 21 is probably my favorite. Everything is inexpensive, but they have really fashion-forward pieces. It’s hit or miss with Zara. There are a lot of things not worth spending all the money on.”

What will you be buying for fall?
“I’m really a summer dresser. Fall requires a lot of layering, which I’m not a big fan of. I’ll probably get some stockings and some boots. Everything else will fall into place.”

Rachel says:
While a necktie is a more obvious example, menswear styling is a huge trend. If you don’t already know who Janelle Monae is, Google her for inspiration!

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