Sidewalk Style: Mellow Yellow

This week we stopped a woman who impressed us with her brightly colored recession-chic outfit.

Arniece Lawrence, 40
Currently unemployed

What she’s wearing: H&M dress, bag from a thrift store, and YSL sandals that were only $4.99!

You obviously aren’t afraid of color. “I wanted to be spotted. Yellow makes me happy.”

Do you always buy from thrift stores? “I’ll spend money on shoes—you don’t want your feet to hurt—and a watch. I’d say I haven’t bought anything new all summer. I’d say my key piece would always be shoes, and then I work from there. If I’m thinking of buying something, I want to try to wear it four ways: work, church, a party, and the weekend.”

Those shoes are great. Which thrift store did you find them at? “Village Thrift in Bladensburg, which is next door to the Rolling Pin Bakery. While everyone is in there buying cakes, I’m next door buying all the good stuff!”

Where else do you find bargains? “At the Sixth Street Flea Market (1200 Sixth St., NE) next to Gallaudet University every Saturday. You have to bargain. My mom was a vendor at one point, and everyone prices things higher than they expect to sell them for. Everything you could imagine. And I like the Salvation Army and Value Village, too.”

Has anyone in particular influenced your style? “My grandmother. She said to stand up straight and put your shoulders back!”

Rachel says: I certainly had an easy enough time spotting Arniece in her colorful outfit. I really liked her shoes and bag and wanted to know where they were from. Much to my surprise, they were the least expensive items she was wearing. The volume of the bag is key to standing up to its vibrant color and the brightness of the dress. While I’d generally steer clear of wearing matching bracelets like she’s done, I think the look is fun and full of energy.

Weigh in on Arniece’s look!

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