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The Blogger Beat: Redskins Insider

This week, we get fired up for football season with Redskins Insider blogger Jason Reid.

Jason Reid conducts a sideline interview during Redskins training camp last week. Photograph by Chris Leaman

Redskins fans flock to the Washington Post’s Redskins Insider blog for the latest news and gossip on their hometown team. Jason Reid, who has helmed the blog since July, is entering his third season covering the Skins. He’s a sports fan through and through: After graduating from the University of Southern California, he worked for 15 years at the Los Angeles Times covering local teams. He joined the Post’s newsroom in 2007.

Reid says his blog readers are passionate fans: “They simply can’t get enough information about their team.” Reid takes a newspaper approach to blogging, focusing more on factual reporting than on opining. That bent probably comes from his main gig: Reid is the lead writer for the Redskins in the print edition.

Fresh with football fever, we enlisted Reid to offer his best predictions and commentary on the Redskins’ upcoming season. Clinton Portis’s total yardage? Most valuable returning player? Best wide receiver? Read on for his answers.

Rate your love of football on a scale of 1 to 10—with 1 being “I’d rather watch golf” and 10 being “I wear body paint under my suit.”
“Well, I never wear body paint for anything. I do, however, really enjoy football. In addition to the big plays and hits, I’m also into the technical aspect of the game. I really like to speak with coaches and scouts to find out why a certain play worked or failed and what goes into constructing an offense and defense.”

Number of hours you’ve logged watching the Skins play—practices included:
“In two-plus years, probably something like 1,200, which also includes watching TV recordings of Redskins games. I find I always see several things I missed while attending games.”

Most memorable Skins game you’ve ever attended:
“The game against the Buffalo Bills the week safety Sean Taylor was fatally shot in his Miami home. Understandably, players, coaches, and fans were very emotional. The pregame tribute honoring Taylor was really something. The Redskins lost on a field goal at the end. I’ve never been in a stadium so quiet.”

Your prediction for the Redskins’ record this year:
“I’m never good at this sort of thing. If everything breaks right for them, I’m thinking 9-7. If the offensive line breaks down because of injuries, which seems likely at this point, things could quickly turn ugly.”

Your picks for the top five teams going in to the 2009-2010 season:
“Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts, Philadelphia Eagles, Baltimore Ravens.”

New Skins player with the most potential:
“Defensive end/strong-side linebacker Brian Orakpo. The front office has been criticized, and rightly so, for making a lot of mistakes in the draft. But it appears Orakpo, the number-13 overall pick in the 2009 draft, could be a Pro Bowl-caliber player.”

Most valuable returning player:
“Free safety LaRon Landry. He possesses the talent to become an All-Pro player.”

Total yardage for Clinton Portis this season:
“Less than 1,000.”

Pick a wide receiver: Malcolm Kelly or Devin Thomas?
“Malcolm Kelly. If his knee holds up, he could be special.”

Reception Michael Vick should expect from Washington when the Redskins host the Eagles:
“Okay, I guess. Some fans definitely wanted the Redskins to sign him.”

Three lessons Jim Zorn should have learned from his debut season:
“(1) Be careful what you say about Clinton Portis to the media; (2) Be careful what you say about Clinton Portis to the media; and (3) Be careful what you say to about Clinton Portis to the media.”

Jersey number you’d want if you were a Skins player:
“Fifty-six. It was Lawrence Taylor’s number, and he was my favorite player when I was a kid.”

Favorite tailgating food and drink:
“Ah, I really don’t get a chance to tailgate. I get to the games very early and go directly to work.”

Where we might find you in the off-season:
“Well, there really is no ‘off-season’ anymore—the job is year-round. When they’re not playing games, however, I’m at home enjoying time with my wife, Tenecia, and my kids, Joshua and Maya.”

Favorite Redskins blog besides your own:
“Chris Cooley’s blog, the Cooley Zone. Chris’s brother, Tanner, also does a great job managing the site.”

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