Sidewalk Style: Street and Sexy

This week we left the sidewalk for a private warehouse party, where we found someone wearing a fabulous dress from an Argentinian designer.

Katerina Slominskaya, 31,
Social relations for DoubleView Media

What she’s wearing:
Maria Vazquez dress (“She’s my favorite designer from Buenos Aires. I promise to bring her here to DC. She’s very contemporary, with a different vision. Every piece she makes stands out.”), Dior Extreme heels (“a favorite from Sex and the City: The Movie”), and a Jill Stuart clutch.

What other designers do you admire?
“I’m a big fan of Rachel Roy. I own couple of her dresses, and they’re in my top list.”

What excites you about fall clothing?
“Fall is the best season to dress up and be creative about your style. You can wear many layers, scarves, gloves, hats . . . pretty much any kind of accessory to be unique and show your personality. And of course it’s the best time for high heels. It’s not that hot anymore, so it’s easier to wear them.”

What’s on your dream style wish list?
“Donna Karan dresses. They’re incredibly feminine—and expensive! Classic YSL and Valentino handbags. And of course I really wish that Maria Vazquez was easily accessible to US customers. I believe she can win a lot of girls’ hearts!”

Rachel says:
Katerina had a really interesting, complete look—from her tough statement shoes and bag to the cool way her hair was swirled on top of her head. The dress was sexy and street all at once. Chic and cool!













Weigh in on Katerina’s look!

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