Sidewalk Style: Flying Fashion

On a layover in Philly and on a mission for fashionable flying attire, we talked to a Los Angeles-based actress on her way to Atlantic City.

Rose Rollins, 31

What she’s wearing:
Current/Elliott jeans, an Urban Outfitters tee, a Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent sweater, a Chloë bag, and Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers. She made the necklace by combining pieces from two Los Angeles boutiques—Madison and Jamie Lynn. “I’m very picky about my jewelry,” she says.

So you must travel a lot.
“I just got off the plane from London, probably about 36 hours ago, so I’m jet-lagged.”

But you look pretty so rested! Tell me your secrets.
“Well, just wear really comfortable jeans. I know that seems weird, but feel these—they’re so soft! Even though they look like they’re fitted, they’re so cozy. Always bring a sweater and a pair of socks, for sure. And—I just learned this the hard way—always, always, always bring an extra little carry-on bag with toiletries and an outfit if you check your bags. They lost my luggage, and I was in London for only 36 hours, and I had an event to go to like ten hours after I landed. I’ll never check everything ever again. It’s the most awful experience.”

When you’re not traveling, what’s your style like?
“Clean and comfortable. I have to have lots of jeans—butt-hugging jeans! And I keep my T-shirts baggy. I have a rule: tight on top, baggy on the bottom; or if it’s loose on top, tight on the bottom.”

Rachel says:
I spent a good hour roaming the airport looking for someone who’s really mastered the art of in-flight fashion. It’s not easy, because there are so many factors to consider: keeping cool or warm depending on the wacky plane temperatures and the temperature of the location you’re leaving and entering, length of flight, comfort, and style. Jeans aren’t typically the most comfy options, but Rose’s pair was amazingly soft, and I like simple, minimal accessories for travel. Classic Chucks are the perfect marriage of style and comfort, while a luxe cardigan ramps up the cozy factor. And you can rumple it into a ball and use it as a pillow in a pinch.

Weigh in on Rose’s look!

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