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Sure, we could easily stare at Don Draper for an hour, but Mad Men is just as acclaimed for its set design and period decor as its acting. If you can look past the gender discrimination, there’s a certain charm to a 1960s office. Here are a few pieces that can help you capture the look.

The mid-back height, boxy shape, and chrome trim of this Zuo Modern office chair evoke the ‘60s. The black leatherette upholstery is easy to clean, too. Wholesale Furniture Brokers has slashed the price by nearly two-thirds to $286, and shipping is free.

Next, try plugging in this desk phone from Target, in classic black. This version ($49.99) has the same charming retro design, but it’s a lot easier to justify than the $300 price tags of authentic vintage. Plus, Target offers free shipping.

True fans can also demonstrate their insider knowledge with wall art. Artist Saul Bass first designed this poster for the 1958 Hitchcock film Vertigo starring James Stewart and Kim Nowak. Years later, the spiraling, tri-color design inspired the opening credit sequence of Mad Men. It’s only $7.99 on art.com.