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Airline meals and security checkpoints notwithstanding, travel—or at least the idea of it—can be glamorous. Bring some of that class home with these pieces.

Get a cool taste of the coast with these chocolate-and-cream chandelier lampshades. Each six-inch parchment shade features a map of San Francisco in amber and slate-blue, and they’ll fit any Pottery Barn chandelier. The three-shade set is on sale for $23, down from $29.

Vintage postcards are the inspiration for this porcelain tray from the Rain Collection, marked down to $12 from $19. Use them for keys by the front door—or add worldly décor with a handful of foreign coins. You could even pick up a few trays: Two more styles (for the same price!) are here and here.

Add some whimsy to your walls with a travel touch from closer to home—like this reproduction of a DC travel poster from RetroPlanet. On Amazon you can get $2 knocked off the original $14.99. Or consider this stylishly rendered DC map, printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink. (We like the red-and-blue version.) At $22, it’s a fast, inexpensive way to dress up a room—and know where you are.