More From Ellen Gray on the Equinox Fire

We just spoke to Equinox co-owner Ellen Gray, who gave more details about the fire at the downtown DC restaurant she owns with husband Todd Gray.

>> Pictures of some of the damage caused by the fire. 

How did you find out about it?
At 3 in the morning when the alarm company called. DC fire department's incredible swiftness kept it from burning up the whole restaurant and the whole building. I thank them more than anybody. It's not a total loss thanks to them.

What does it look like?

Not good. It looks like probably what goes on when there's a car bomb or something, what we read about in the paper every day. Makes me feel grateful for terrific friends . . . It's not the way I was planning on going into this holiday season, but nobody was hurt so that's a good thing.

How will Aria help?

Todd's cooking at Aria right now. We will be honoring all of our reservations at Aria. We're not going to let this stop us. We're in food service, it's the holidays, we're in the hospitality business. Todd is in that kitchen cooking. He's not moping around about the loss. That's Todd for you.

We're sort of handling everything one reservation at a time. Incredible support from the restaurant community. Everybody's offering things.

Friends of ours have come in this morning. You realize when something like this happens how great people are. They've offered to help with our reservations, everything from food to helping with reservations: 'Is there anything we can do? Anyone we can call?' One of the chefs from Marcel's stopped by on his way to work. The people at Aria called immediately.

We're trying to rescue food, trying to get heat so the pipes don't burst when there's a big snowstorm tonight.

You have to keep your sense of humor. Nobody was hurt. We all have our health and amazing friends. Todd and I are touched by everyone's kindness.

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