Sidewalk Style: The Perfect Cut

The cut on this gent’s suit caught our eye.

Peter Sulick, 27
Graduate student

What he’s wearing:
Adam Lippes suit, Polo sweater, J. Crew shirt.

Name a few things every guy should have in his closet.
“One gray suit, one blue suit, comfortable chinos and shirts, and some Levi’s.”

The fit on that suit is perfect. Do you have a tailor in town you like?
“All I had to have done to this one was hem the pants. I don’t really know much about the designer, but I saw the fabric and loved it. It’s this dark houndstooth. And I also love that the buttons at the sleeve are real. But for tailors, Cheryl A. Lofton & Associates in Shaw is a great place for basics. They’re quick, professional, and cheap. Field’s in Georgetown is one of the best suit tailors I’ve ever visited. They’re expensive but well worth it for a perfect fit.”

Where do you shop, and what are some of your favorite labels?
“American Apparel for T-shirts, Levi’s for jeans, and J. Crew for polo for shirts and sweaters. Suits are a different story. The key is finding a brand that has a cut that fits you well. Burberry and Zenga fit me perfectly off the rack, so that’s what I generally buy.”

Do you have any pet peeves for men’s styles?
“Grownups with backpacks. We’re not in high school anymore. Get yourself a more adult means of carrying your gym clothes, please. Also, chunky square-toe shoes. Buy high-quality shoes in classic styles. Aldens are my personal choice. They’ll last a long time and just get better with age.”

Rachel says:
I can’t say enough about the difference a well-cut suit makes. And I agree about the shoes—square-toe just looks dated.

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