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The Tweet Beat: The Best Congressional Tweets of the Week

Judging by the twitterverse, the health care denate is reaching fever pitch—ie, people are screeching so loudly about pre-existing conditions and government cram-downs that only dogs and Mariah Carey can hear them. And all these late night sessions are making people hungry and forcing them paradoxically into unhealthy meal choices. We don’t care how much tomato you put on your burger, Jason Chaffetz, it’s still a world away from arugula. Maybe Cynthia Lummis will give you a shark bite or two.

In other news, Jared Polis hearts the Gaga. Chuck Grassley likes fish. Lisa Murkowski made two spelling errors in her tweet about “edcuation,” and what exactly are “peanlities,” John Shimkus? We’re heartened you’re finally taking time to look at the Senate bill though. Only one question remains—with all this busyness, how on earth has the President found time to fill out his basketball bracket?

LEETERRYNE  This health care reform process is an atrocious abuse of power that obliterates what few rights the minority has in the House.
Rep. Lee Terry, NE.

DarrellIssa  My colleague @jasoninthehouse made @jimmykimmellive “This Week in Unnecessary Censorship”
Rep. Darrell Issa, CA.

RepMikeHonda  MS Lesbian student & her prom story is heartbreaking. When I was a principal, we encouraged diversity & acceptance. Finding ways to help!
Rep. Mike Honda, CA.

clairecmc  Why I Don’t Follow You:
Sen. Claire McCaskill, MO.

jaredpolis  Lady Gaga’s AMAZING new video: luv it! #gaga #ladygaga
Rep. Jared Polis, CO.

ChuckGrassley  Just had two fish dinners at two separate Catholic Churches DsM. PeoPle askd me lots Qs. Like mini town meeting
Sen. Chuck Grassley, IA.

DrCassidy  Please RT – found white toy poodle mix near the lsu campus. If anyone missing such, call 387-2455
Rep. Bill Cassidy, LA.

clairecmc  Good news for the economy. The mall is packed. Can’t find a parking spot.
Sen. Claire McCaskill, MO.

repblumenauer  Health care homestretch. People need to use their “inner wonk,” not outsource analysis to idiot “shouting heads.” Facts are clear.
Rep. Earl Blumenauer, CO.

lisamurkowski  Sen. Murkowski’s weekly edcuation newsletter is now avaliable! Read it at:
Sen. Lisa Murkowski, AK.

Senate_GOPs  Crapo appointed to Obama’s new deficit commission

jasoninthehouse  The Five Guys Bacon Cheeseburger has less fat than I originally thought. Besides, I add tomato for a dash health.
Rep. Jason Chaffetz, UT.

jasoninthehouse  Thanks to Tommy “Burger” Burr for pointing out the low sodium content at 5 Guys
Rep. Jason Chaffetz, UT.

jasoninthehouse  Stay away from the Triple Whopper. That will knock you over. Stay healthy, kids!
Rep. Jason Chaffetz, UT.

RepShimkus  Congressional leaders r pulling all stops to force #hc vote. U can let them knw how u feel. Spkr Pelosi: 202-225-0100 Sen Reid: 202-224-3542
Rep. John Shimkus, IL.

RepShimkus  The Senate bill might be the only thing that becomes law. I am going to start reviewing the Senate HC bill.
Rep. John Shimkus, IL.

  Made point at least 100 congress people would be unable to get insurance due to preexisting conditions. Maybe then they would support reform
Rep. Earl Blumenauer, CO.

CynthiaLummis  10:45 p.m. — We’re on Repub motion #10 on federal gov’t expansion. Still a good debate, aided by shark bites (they’re like gummi bears).
Rep. Cynthia Lummis, WY.

RepShimkus  P 30 Ensuring the Quality of Care by requiring reporting with peanlities for non compliance
Rep. John Shimkus, IL.

GOPWhip  Rep. @Erik_Paulsen makes CNN’s list of top political tweets of the week (#5)
Rep Eric Cantor, VA.

petehoekstra  Tea Party folks in DC. We need you now. Current health care bill isn’t even written and members are committing to vote for it? That’s wrong
Rep. Pete Hoekstra, MI.

GrahamBlog  Senator Lindsey Graham: Pelosi has House Dems ‘liquored up on sake’ ready for ‘suicide run’
Sen. Lindsey Graham, SC.

RepJimMatheson  Due to high volume of calls on health care, House switchboard is getting jammed. In case of a busy signal, call back. Or send email.
Rep. Jim Matheson, UT.

RepDanBurton  The health care process h
as degenerated into unconstitutional cowardice –
Rep. Dan Burton, IN.

MaryFallin  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Rep. Mary Fallin, OK.

RepMikeHonda  Sad Sen. Graham used racially tinged rhetoric against #HCR. Americans deserve a debate on substance, not sensationalist rhetoric.
Rep. Mike Honda, CA.

OrrinHatch  The American people have caught on. This bill is a travesty, it’s going to cost an arm and a leg, increase our national debt,…
Sen. Orrin Hatch, UT.

OrrinHatch  … add $500B in new taxes, cut $500B from Medicare, and allow taxpayer financing of abortion.
Sen. Orrin Hatch, UT.

clairecmc  MedicareD 10 yr price tag almost same as 10 yr price tag on current healthcre refrm bill. Differnce?R Congress & Bush put it on credit card
Sen. Claire McCaskill, MO.

garamendica10  Explains Rep. @keithellison: 45,000 Americans die yearly because they don’t have health insurance.
Rep. John Garamendi, CA.

keithellison  On the floor talking what? What else? Health Care. Less than a week before HC reform is enacted. Yay!
Rep. Keith Ellison, MI.

jahimes  Had the chance to meet Gerry Adams of Sinn Fein today in the Capitol. Now there’s a guy who’s been through a lot. Nice St. Patrick’s touch.
Rep. Jim Himes, CT.

bobinglis  @ House-Senate GOP conference trying to figure a way to stop health care cram down. Stinks to be in minority, but the people + us = majority
Rep. Bob Inglis, SC.

RepLynnJenkins  Finally found an important issue I agree with Pres. Obama on: KU and KState in the Final Four!
Rep. Lynn Jenkins, KS.

HouseDemocrats  RT @LeaderHoyer: confirmed: #hcr is largest deficit reducer in 17 yrs, since Clintons 93 budget which ushered in great economy of the 90s

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