Sidewalk Style: Boot-ylicious

This week, we stop a fashionable guy sporting a serious pair of Army boots.

Andrew Rozas, 26
Youth-outreach manager at Earth Day Network

What he’s wearing: “It’s raining, so I had to gear up. The combat boots are Army-issue jungle boots, and the trench is Benetton. The jeans are Levi’s 511s, the cardigan is Ben Sherman, and the button down is a polo for kids—but like, for fat kids; it has really short arms. My favorite thing by far though is my button. It’s for the Earth Day Climate Rally on April 25 on the National Mall. If you see me on the street, ask me for a button—I have thousands of them.”

How would you describe your style? “Whenever I wear this trench with the boots, it reminds me of Ian Curtis from Joy Division. When I bought this coat, I also bought a hooded coat from Muji that’s really tight on the shoulders and then flares out. It reminds me of a Japanese school girl. So I guess I just wear whatever correlates with my mood.”

Do you have any signature pieces or favorite things to wear? “Tight jeans, pretty much all the time. In the summer, above-the-knee cut-off tight jeans. I wish I was kidding, I’m not.”

What’s something a guy should never wear? “The Saturday-night outfit: cute top, tight jeans, and heels. I only say that because I don’t think women should ever wear that, and even though you didn’t ask my opinion on them, I kind of want that trend to end. Women have a lot of options for fashion, and they should use them. Guys are a bit more limited.”

What’s something every guy should wear? “I think guys should pay attention to the kinds of coats and jackets they wear. It’s one of the few creative ways that guys can work with their outfits without looking like they’re trying too hard.”

Rachel says: Tough boots add swagger to casual outfits. Take Andrew’s suggestion and check out Army-Navy stores for authentic options.

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