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Design Scout: Salt and Pepper Shakers

Everyone’s favorite table accessories get a design-conscious update.

Moustache Salt and Pepper Shaker
This whimsical little number—made of pure walnut wood—stands 2¼ inches tall and comes with rubber plugs on the bottom for easy refill. We dare you to deny its adorableness.
$35 at

Roost Mini Log Salt & Pepper
Crafted from sections of real acacia-tree branches, this handsome set will blend right in to any rustic home decor.
$11 at

Letter Salt and Pepper Shakers
The guessing game most commonly played at the dinner table? Figuring out which container holds which seasoning. Clear up the confusion with silver-plated alphabet shakers any typography nerd will love.
$19.99 at

Salt and Pepper Plant
Find yourself frequently misplacing your cooking seasonings? The solid ceramic “buds” on this salt-and-pepper plant don’t stand upright unless properly secured in their wooden pot—an ingenious way to never lose your shakers. We like to think of this item as the plant that gives back without ever having to water it—talk about a win-win relationship.
$30 at

Saikai Condiment Tray
It’s hard to resist the serene simplicity of this Japanese-designed seasoning set. Even if you’re eating in front of the TV, Chinese takeout will feel ten times classier when dousing it with soy sauce poured from the tiny white spout.
$84 at

Rubik’s Cube Salt & Pepper Mill Set
The most annoying puzzle of the ’80s makes a comeback! Fill these Rubik’s cubes with whole grains of pepper and salt, then turn the top layer to freshly grind your seasonings. Each mill comes equipped with a different colored top, so you’ll easily be able to tell the difference.
$34.99 at

Mr. & Mrs. Muse Salt + Pepper
Frankly, these were too cute not to include in ourl ist. Be sure to check out the rest of for even more kitschy retro options.
$48 at

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