Robert Wone Murder: Online Extras

Our May issue delves into the unsolved murder of Washington attorney Robert E. Wone. Here are some of the court documents that have been filed in the case, plus links to other related reads.

Affidavit in Support of an Arrest Warrant – Dylan Ward
Government's Notice of Uncharged Conduct I 
• Superseding Affidavit Charging Joseph Price, Victor Zaborsky & Dylan Ward
• Search Warrants Affidavits
• Defendants’ Motion for Pretrial Release
• Estate of Robert E. Wone (Katherine E. Wone) v. Joseph Price, Victor Zaborsky, Dylan Ward
• Transcripts of police interviews of Price (here and here), Ward, and Zaborsky (here and here).

For more on this case, check out the Who Murdered Robert Wone? blog.

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