Sidewalk Style: Spring Style on the Hill

We snapped a stylish young staffer outside of the Capitol building.

Michael Harold, 24
Scheduler and executive assistant, Congressman Earl Blumenauer

What he’s wearing: J. Crew shirt, Banana Republic cardigan, American Apparel tie, Urban Outfitters pants, Cole Haan shoes, and Tom Davies glasses.

Where he likes to shop: American Apparel, H&M (“They have the Black Label line. The cuts are slim, and it doesn’t look like you’re swimming in your dad’s suit.”), the sale racks at Banana Republic and J. Crew, and Gilt Groupe.

Your outfit seems to have much more personality than the standard suit you typically see. “On the Hill, everyone’s in a suit, and it just doesn’t feel very comfortable. I’m from Oregon, so I guess I bring some of that vibe. In my first internship on the Hill, I wore bad suits. I didn’t know what I was doing. But young guys forget that you can change it up—roll up your sleeves, wear a better tie, try a cardigan. It doesn’t have to be a suit every day.”

Tell me your tips for being stylish on the Hill. “Basically, it comes down to wearing clothes that fit. And just because you’re wearing ‘nice’ clothes doesn’t mean they necessarily look good on. Try a slim-fitting blazer or suit; pants that aren’t baggy and flared out; skinny ties; nice socks; bright colors; a cool belt; and textured shirts, jackets, and pants (think tweed—very nice!). Always wear collar stays. Look at your tie and the rest of your outfit before you put it on. And no pleats!”

Rachel says: I really like Michael’s combination: checkered shirt, cardigan, and dark, one-color tie. It’s an easy spring look that’s interesting and put-together.

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